OTHER MAGAZINE PUBLICATIONS:                

  • MULIPLE SCIENCE ARTICLES: Scholastic Science World,  Classroom Science magazine.
  • THE COME BACK (~Catholic Forester Magazine, Spring 2008-Fiction) Boys take extreme measures to encourage their friend to return to school and baseball after cancer treatment.
  • FROM THE INSIDE OUT (~Birds and Blooms Magazine, nonFiction) The fascinating but gruesome relationship between the tomato hornworm and a parasitic wasp. (Original title: "I Ate Your Guts!")
  • THE HOLIDAY HOUSE (~Highlights Magazine, Fiction). A girl helps her elderly neighbor decorate his house for many holiday celebrated by everyone in their community.
  • TO CATCH A FAIRY (~Dragonfly Spirit, Poem) A child sets a trap to catch the tooth fairy.
  • MISMATCHED SOCKS (Pockets Magazine, Poem) How many uses can you find for odd socks that survived the dryer?
  • THE WRITE STUFF: Monthly column in national Kidsville News classroom magazine.