The Best Four Questions  (KarBen Publishing 2019) is a funny Passover picture book for ages 4-8. 

This Passover, Marcy is old enough to ask the Four Questions. She asks questions all the time, so asking a few on Passover should be easy-peasy! Marcy plans to ask the best four Passover questions ever. And she does--only they don’t come from the Haggadah. Fortunately, even her wildest questions are taken seriously and answered before Marcy and her family move on to the Four Questions in the Hagaddah. 

"Passover is a celebration of freedom, and that includes the liberty to take a small detour into shared silliness." ~ Publishers Weekly 

A cheerful explanation of one aspect of the Jewish celebration of freedom." 
~ Kirkus Reviews (click for full review)

"Rachelle Burk's lively and engaging storytelling underscores the tenet of Passover that encourages participants to ask questions. Melanie Florian's brightly colored animated illustrations capture Marcy's enthusiasm for the festive holiday."
~Jewish Telegraph Agency  (click for full review)

"A funny, cute, and informative book...This book is my favourite of all of these Passover books" ~ Jen Sherman, Book Riot

Interview on Tara Lazar's Blog 

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If you are unfamiliar with the story of Passover, here is a quick lesson: