Reviews of Author Visit Program

Dear Rachelle, 

I just wanted to write you and tell you again how much we enjoyed having you here at Halifax! I have received a lot of positive feedback from teachers and students regarding this year’s author visit with you! You did a fabulous job of presenting your story, a love of reading and writing, and a message of creativity to our students! Some of my favorite things you mentioned were “it doesn’t matter what you read, it doesn’t matter where you read, as long as you read, read, read!” I loved how you were telling students to always ask lots of questions, so many that they annoy their parents and teachers!!! I LOVE it! Curiosity is so important and I love that you stressed always having that and asking what if?! I also loved how you discussed how many times Dr. Seuss was rejected as I always discuss this with my students each year during read across America week. It’s so important for students to know right out that whatever road they choose, it may not be easy, but they musn’t give up! Your charisma, love and passion for life just really shines through in everything you do and it was not only inspiring to our students but to me as well in thinking about other dreams I have for myself in life. What an encouragement! So, thanks for being you and using your talents to pour into other children and adults across the world! It was a true pleasure to have you here, and I will surely recommend your name to my other colleagues in other school districts who might be looking for a guest author.

~Brittany Rex
Halifax School District, Halifax. PA


"I send out a survey to staff after every assembly, and they all just gushed about your presentation and how you encouraged the students to find their inspirations." ~Principal, Tinc Rd School, NJ

"The whole school loved you. This was the kind of day librarians dream of." 

~Librarian, Lincoln Elementary, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

"As a principal, you want the children to see assemblies that will enhance their learning and inspire them. Your assembly did just that." 

~Principal, Lindeneau School, Edison, NJ

"Several teachers have told me you were the best author we have had at our school! "  ~Jaggard Elementary School PTA president, Marlton, NJ

“I thought the program was wonderful! The children were engaged the whole time. My favorite part was the humor that she integrated into the presentation.” ~Teacher, Lyncrest Elementary School 
“I learned as much as the students did!" ~Teacher, St. Elizabeth School, NJ 
"She put on an incredible assembly.  The kids were engaged.  It was like she was a creative classroom teacher with a really big class.  She even brainstormed with them and combined characters with events to come up with a wacky creative, funny story. ~Reading Teacher, Menlo Park School, NJ 
"She was full of fresh writing tips and enforced how important positive thinking is and where it can take you.” ~Eagle Rock School teacher, Eagle Rock, VA
"I really liked how she brought a book with her that she wrote in 2nd grade.  This showed the kids that one time she wrote just like them, and now she's a famous author.  She also brought her "rejection letters" which sent a good message for the kids to never give up on their dreams." 
~Teacher, Menlo Park Elementary, NJ
“She discussed the power of words and what elements are needed to make a good story. This supports what we teach in writing workshop." 
~Teacher, Darlington Elementary, Maryland
“The author was enthusiastic and motivational. The students were further encouraged to write, and recognized ongoing growth as a writer." 
~Southfield School PTA Cultural Arts Chair, Shreveport, Louisiana
“A winner! The author was animated, knew how to interest the children and hold their attention.” ~Teacher, McKinley Elementary, Des Moines, Iowa
“I thought the program was wonderful! The children were engaged the whole time. My favorite part was the humor that she integrated into the presentation.” ~Teacher, Lyncrest Elementary, NJ
“The students learned what it takes to be an author. They also learned that it is possible for all of them (even at this young age) to become authors and write their own stories. An amazing presentation!”  
~Teacher, Star Hill School, Dover, DE
"I couldn't believe she kept my kindergarten class captivated for a full hour!" ~Teacher, Bend Gate School, Henderson, KY

"This was the very, VERY best author program that we have ever had at our school."  ~ 3rd grade teacher, Shoemaker School, Woodstown, NJ